Even The Bible Does Not Hold The Creation Story To Be Literally True!

The Bible is a thick book full of small print. Who has read it all, leave alone remember it all? When the Pharisees asked Jesus which is the Great commandment in the Law, he replied (Matt. 22: 37 to 40, similar in Mark 12: 29 to 31), ’“Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.” This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, “Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.” On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.’ Isn’t that wonderful? That’s all you need to know to be a good Christian. You can forget all the remainder of small print!

But there are people who read or hear of the Creation Story and say something like, ‘This is not true, therefore the whole Bible is wrong.’ That is certainly not so. The laws about how to live together, summarised in the above two commandments, are most certainly true, even though there are many people today, even many people who call themselves Christians, even Christian schools teach their children that in the everyday economy only the strongest shall survive! How can anybody expect to run a peaceful world on this primitive principle of competition which is directly opposite to the commandments of Jesus quoted above?! Competition and selection is natural, yes, but being humane means to overcome the forces of nature. The whole field of medicine and pharmacy is concerned with making people survive, about who nature already has ruled they shall die now! Imagine a lamed man living in poverty asking Jesus for healing and Jesus would ask back, ‘Do you have private health insurance?’

In nature most of the cute baby animals die. In a stable environment a female animal of most species would have several offspring in a year, some tens of them per year. Of all the offspring of the whole life of a female on average only two survive to reproductive age in a stable environment, meaning an environment in which population numbers are stable, they don’t change. Nearly all of the cute baby animals die in nature and only the strongest survive! Should that be the principle of human society or should it be the above Great Commandments of Jesus?

Now there are some people who would like to know the Bible a little better and with all good intentions undertake to read it to come to an informed opinion about it. How could you believe in the Bible, if you don’t even know what it says?

These people start to read the Bible on page one and they may even have an own explanation how the Creation Story might be true. They might even notice and wonder at the fact that it says that God created man male and female in Gen. 1:27 and made Eve from Adam’s rib in chapter two! But would they make something of it? (see Greetings From Paradise, chapter ‘In The Beginning’) What would they make of chapter three (see Greetings From Paradise, chapter ‘The Original Sin’) the story of the forbidden fruit? At some stage they’ll get to chapter five and they will read that someone begot someone else and this person begot someone else and so on, nearly all through that chapter. Maybe some quit there, when I did that as a young man, I just skimmed over most of chapter five.

By the way the Hebrew expression for ‘begot’ really means to cause to bring forth, meaning to cause an usually unnamed woman to bring forth the child. Why this low esteem for women? (see Greetings From Paradise, chapter ‘The Original Sin’) The fact that nearly all of these men, after ‘begetting’ the first son begot sons and daughters might easily slip the reader’s mind.

If they stubbornly persist through chapter five, they might read chapter seven and still not know how many goats God told Noah to take into the ark (Bible Trivia). This is around page fourteen.

To find out that the Bible doesn’t hold the Creation Story to be true they have to read much further and what even complicates the matter more, is that they are not even looking for an answer to this question in the Bible. The answer is around page seven hundred, depending on the Bible edition. It is Prov. 25: 2:

[It is] the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings [is] to search out a matter.

So, is the creation story true? No, God has hidden the beginning of the Universe from us! Only kings or scientists can search it out! This is not for everyone! All these people who drop science at school as soon as they possibly can have no idea! They believe in science, as if it was another religion! They don’t understand it! Dear Reader, do you know three pieces of evidence for the Big Bang theory without looking it up? Or if you do, how many people do? Ask around.

Why is the theory about the origin of the Universe relevant to us at all? It is relevant to physicists because all physical laws must be valid in all places and at all times. If a theory is not, it must be amended.

Tradition holds that God dictated the Creation Story to Moses when he saw him up on Mt. Sinai. How could God explain himself to these people!? Isa. 55: 9, The people of Moses were a bunch of uneducated slaves, bread for the purpose of building work only by the Egyptians, people without any education run away from their masters, living in tents. How could they possibly grasp the concepts of a lightyear, of the spectrum of light, the red shift, the expansion of the Universe and its curvature, how would they know what hydrogen and helium atoms are? Even St Thomas Aquinas wrote about these people in ‘Summa Theologica’ in his response to question sixty six On the Order of Creation Towards Distinction’ as an ignorant people towards whom the Creation Story was addressed. But the same applied to mankind nearly all through the ages! All the above concepts about the Universe only were developed in the twentieth century!

And ‘to search out a matter’ in Prov. 25: 2 does not mean to get an exhaustive answer. Even Stephen Hawking says that there are some aspects of the theories of the Universe that he cannot fully explain. At different times our knowledge was at a different level and even today it is not perfect!

This does not only apply to the development of mankind in general, it also applies to the development of every human being. At junior high school we teach children about electron shells, in senior high school we teach them about electron clouds, as if it was religion. There is next to no evidence at high school for electron clouds. Students are to believe, well they don’t believe the Pope anymore, but they are to believe a teacher, as if he was a priest, and they don’t read the Bible written by Ancient Sages, but they believe, without understanding, in books and internet sites written by professors at some universities. Only those who get to Higher Physics at university may learn in the course of quantum mechanics how to describe the behaviour of electrons in hydrogen atoms by a highly complicated mathematical formalism, but who would study quantum mechanics, anyway? Does this make junior high school teachers into immoral deceivers?

Are parents who tell their children of the Easter Bunny unreliable liars?