Bible Trivia

 Bible Trivia

Who was the first taylor ever? (Gen. 3: 21)

How many goats did God command Noah to take into the ark? (Gen. 7: 2)

Who closed the ark after Noah and his sons and their wives and the animals had entered? (Gen. 7: 16)

When did Jacob kiss Rachel for the first time? (Gen. 29: 11, but read the chapter from the beginning to see how it fits into the story. And why would he weep afterwards?)

Jesus referred to himself a number of times as ‘the son of man’ (e.g. Matt. 8: 20 & 9: 6). Who was the man? (I have to tell you this one. Mary was the man! The word used by Jesus here is anthropos which rather means human being, instead of the usual word for man, aner, which could not be a woman.)

What was served at the last supper? (Bread, wine, anything else? Mark 14: 12; Ex. 12: 3 & 21)

Who was the first woman ever to try to stand up to her man? (Gen. 4:1, but to understand that you would have to read the chapter ‘The Original Sin’ in Greetings From Paradise.)

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